My whole life I have been creative in many ways. Being a kid, I always was busy with pencils and paint. My creativity grew during the years and also started to make things for the house like design a lounge set, paint cabinets, a huge wall painting, fun kid rooms, make my own unique clock, etc.

When the computer came I found other ways to make nice productions like digital art, logo's and I do work for magazines and websites.

It is always a pleasure to find/design a perfect gift for someone, set up a fun-to-do kid's party and organize a big event.

Other pleasant hobbies are photography and making jewellery.

The personalized artwork is something I've been doing in the last few years.

Be welcome to me if you are interested in one of my works or if you think I can be of help to create something beautiful for you. This could be a personalized postcard up to a layout suggestion for a website.